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Uniform Guidelines

School uniform is compulsory at Sacred Heart College and all students are expected to take pride in their appearance and grooming. The correct uniform option is to be worn in its entirety to and from the College with no additional items to be worn to, from or during the school day. Undergarments must not be visible from uniform items. Full school uniform is to be worn to all excursions. PE uniform can be worn to and from school on days when students have Physical Education classes. All items of uniform are required to be in good condition.

Excepting extreme weather events:

  • Summer uniform is to be worn up to the end of April and from the beginning of September
  • Winter Uniform will be worn during the months of May to August inclusive.

The school week either side of the change over period will be a transition period to allow for variations in temperature

Plain navy scarves, beanies and gloves can be worn to and from school in the colder months. These items are not to be worn during class time.

Extreme weather events—temperature predictions above 30°C in May—August or below 15°C in April or September will allow for the wearing of uniform for the alternate season.

Dress Length

The College dress and skirt is to be worn within five centimetres of the top of the knee.

Hair and Personal Grooming

Whilst the College recognises that hairstyles are a matter of individual style and taste, all students are required to keep their hair neat and clean.

  • Hair colours must remain within variations of natural colours. Extremes of colour are not permitted.
  • Extreme hairstyles, including but not limited to, dreadlocks, spikes, mohawks, shaved, rats tails and beading are not permitted.
  • Hair must be worn off-the-face. Long hair must be tied back.
  • Hair bands, ties, clips or ribbons must be plain navy or white.
  • It is preferred that boys are clean-shaven: however, boys in Years 11 and 12 may wear neat, short-cropped facial hair. Extreme styles are not permitted. Facial hair is expected to be grown during holiday periods and not during school term.
  • Visible or partially visible tattoos are not permitted.



In line with the College's Sun Smart Policy students must wear the College hat from and including the months of September to April whilst outside of school buildings during recess, lunch, physical education classes and other outdoor activities.


Permitted Items

Prohibited Items

One watch, medical alert bracelet, one charity band;

Rings and spacers;

Two pairs of small ear studs or sleepers;

Facial, tongue and visible body piercings, covered or uncovered.

One fine-chain necklace with a small cross or small religious icon, medical-alert necklace.

Bangles or bracelets;


Make-up, including but not limited to blush, eyeliner, eye shadow, foundation, lipstick, nail polish and mascara is not permitted. A student is permitted to  wear a light covering of foundation that matches their skin tone.

Uniform Exceptions

Students not in full school uniform are required to have an explanatory note from a parent or guardian. The student must present this note to their Learning Advisor to be signed. It then becomes a uniform pass for the day. Alternatively, a parent or guardian may ring Student Reception between 8:20 and 8:50 am to advise that the student will be out of uniform. The Learning Advisor will be informed of the situation.

When out of uniform, the expectation is that the student will look neat and presentable. Alternate clothing should match the missing uniform item as closely as possible. Denim jeans, sandals or thong–style slip on footwear are not regarded as suitable or are to be worn under any circumstances.

Students out of uniform without appropriate explanation on the third and any subsequent instance will be placed on after-school detention.