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There are many opportunities at Sacred Heart for our students outside the classroom. The College is affiliated with the VSSSA and is part of the Ovens and Mitta sporting region. This competition offers a range of sports throughout the year catering for a range of student interests and abilities.

For students who enjoy the Performing Arts, we have a strong and successful history with the Albury Eisteddfod and participate regularly in the Diocesan Initiative, Sandhurst Arts on Show.

The College runs a range of active and passive, academic and recreational programs including but not limited to lunch-time sport, chess club and homework club.

House System


Sacred Heart College’s House System is based on three houses. Mercy also known as Blue House, Fatima also known as Red House and Loreto also known as Gold House. This system is not only the basis for our swimming, athletics and cross country carnivals but also plays an important role in our Learning Advisor System. Students are allocated a house when they enroll at Sacred Heart College and they will remain in the same house for their time at the College. Siblings will be enrolled in the same house as their brother or sister. This system helps create a sense of belonging and a certain level of healthy competition which is clearly evident at our house carnivals.


Camps and Excursions


Each year level goes on a camp or retreat at some stage during the year. This includes a range of different experiences including outdoor education, spiritual retreats, and team building programs. The camps are designed to help students build lasting relationships with their peers and teachers, to build resilience and self -reliance, and to provide opportunities for goal setting and self- reflection.

Yr 7 – Year seven students are involved in an induction camp early in term one. The camp allows our new students, who arrive from various schools, to come together and participate in an action packed and fun filled three days of activities. Activities of past camps have included raft making, flying fox, hiking, high and low ropes, archery and canoeing

Yr 8  -The year eight camp is part of the outdoor education program. Previous years have seen the students canoe down the Murray River and participate in activities on Lake Mulwala including; wind surfing, wake boarding and kayaking. This year sees students travelling to Phillip Island to take part in an adventure camp.

Yr 9- As part of the ignite program the yr 9 students have an extended camp to the Northern Territory. Students explore Darwin and surrounds including Kakadu and Litchfield national parks, various museums, memorials and markets. They visit  aboriginal communities, local schools on their journey south through Mataranka to Katherine.  

Yr 10 – This bike adventure camp has been running for 3 year and is designed to challenge and build team work and resilience as the students continue their educational journey. The abseiling, camping and bike activities continue the theme developed in previous years.

Yr 12 – We begin the school year with Yr 12 attending a three day retreat to Harriotville. The students come together in a three day program of prayer, reflection, focus and planning to help them complete a successful journey through their final year at Sacred heart College.

School excursions form an important part of the curriculum and there are many throughout the year both in and outside of school hours.


Catholic Life



There are many opportunities for students to embrace and engage in the catholic identity of Sacred Heart College. The college runs formal Religious Education classes at each year level and through our Learning Advisor system students can engage with the local parish by attending Wednesday morning Mass throughout the year.


Our significant events such as Sacred Heart day, Opening and Graduation Mass are well attended by families and friends and are often a joint celebration with Sacred Heart Primary. Faith and Ministry leaders are appointed at every year level and promote Social Justice initiatives and coordinate fundraising events to support the important work that Caritas conducts in developing countries. Students are able to extend their involvement with the Catholic life of the college beyond the school day, participating in Stronger rallies, Youth Ministry, retreats and D Group.

Chess Team


Chess continues to be a popular activity in the library during recess and lunch, with students not only playing ‘traditional’ chess, but also transfer (teams) chess and variations of their own design. At the beginning of the year chess is incorporated into the year 7 mathematics program to help develop critical thinking and problem solving. Chess makes you practice using both halves of your brain and is one of the few activities that actually improve your IQ.

During the year we hold individual and team championships. We also compete at an Interschool level and have qualified for the State finals every year since 2007. Students and staff also battle it out each week to solve, and win the weekly chess puzzle. 



Sports Achievements 


Sacred Heart College has enjoyed excellent success in a range of sporting pursuits. Several of the students are pursuing pathways in elite sport, ranging from golf, rowing, wakeboarding and football. Sacred Heart has dominated the zone level of Ovens & Mitta which is a great achievement given its size relevant to other school in the region. The last 2 years has seen a record number of teams and individuals progress to region and several have made State level. The success of our sporting teams and individuals has a sound basis in a vibrant House system providing a great level of challenge and participation for all students at the College.