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Cyber bullying

Cyber bullying has become a very real risk for our community. The College recommends that parents educate themselves regarding cyber bullying issues and talk to their children about the risks and ways to handle online bullying if they experience it or observe it occuring to others.

Parents should discuss sensible use of the internet, in particular social sites such as Face Book. It is recommended that computers and phones should not be used in bedrooms without others present. Make a habit of checking out your child's website - by asking them to show it to you. Keep it as a topic of conversation, rather than an area of secrecy. Make it a habit that electronic devices are switched off at a certain time and placed in a central area of the house until the morning.

Parents, guardians and students are encouraged to talk to the College's Welfare Officer or the student's Learning Advisor or any other trusted member of staff. College staff will then take steps to support the student(s) in dealing with the bullying behaviour in accordance with the College's policy and procedures on bullying and harrassment. 

We encourage you to provide as much information as possible regarding the person carrying out the bullying, times and dates, platform it is occuring on, take screen shots whereever possible and retain any other information you believe may be useful. 

Helpful websites include: