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Consequently, we will provide discipline structures that will:

  • foster positive relationships amongst the school community
  • provide support for staff in dealing with students and for students when experiencing problems
  • provide a safe and positive learning environment
  • satisfy individual learning needs of students within the curriculum
  • provide appropriate consequences for student actions
  • engage students in the process of reaching agreed consequences
  • maintain student self esteem and confidentiality
  • prohibit the use of corporal punishment.

College expectations of students

  • Students are to attend regularly, be punctual to class, Learning Advisor periods and assemblies and be properly engaged.
  • Students are to be in full school uniform, unless otherwise advised.
  • Students are to contribute to a safe, productive learning environment by following instructions and behaving in a way that is neighter disruptive nor potentially harmful.
  • Students are to contirbute to a caring and supportive environment by showing consideration for others, and ensuring words and actions are not offensive to others.
  • Students are to contibtue to a clean and pleasant environment through actions which show responsibility for their own, otehrs and college property.
  • Students are to represent the College proudly, by acting in a way that reflects well on themselves, their families, the College community and the wider community.

The Positive Discipline diagram shows the process of intervention if adverse behaviour is observed.