Sacred Heart College is a welcoming Christian community devoted to educating the whole person whilst striving to be always faithful to its Catholic and Mercy heritage.

 “Show your instructions in your actions as much as you can.”
   Catherine McAuley

 We aim to:

  • Improve learning outcomes for all students
  • Provide ‘a deep, rich, liberating and engaging curriculum’
  • Encourage ‘deep thinking, inquiry and questioning’
  • Set high expectations for all students and support and encourage their journey towards them.

In Year 7 to 9 we incorporate integrated approaches to traditional disciplines / domains. In Year 9 we place greater emphasis on experiential learning through Learning Quests and the Northern Territory Camp combined with discipline based approaches to learning. We also ensure that our structures allow for greater personalization of learning programs particularly as students enter the pathway stage, beginning at the start of Year 10.

The senior years of schooling are important years in the education of our young people. They are the stepping stone into post-compulsory schooling. Our mission at Sacred Heart College is to assist our senior students in becoming resilient and independent learners so that they can readily embrace the challenges and rewards of further and higher education. Whether our graduates choose to pursue a career through a university or TAFE qualification, our senior students are nurtured and supported through their senior years to achieve their own goals.

As part of our Vision, our graduate outcomes have been developed to help direct our teaching staff as they work to guide our students. We aim for our students to develop the following attributes.

  • Individuals who act with honesty and integrity and who have the courage to be always faithful to themselves.
  • Equipped with the skills and abilities to contribute enthusiastically and successfully to the wider community.
  • Confident, compassionate, articulate and resilient people who are responsible and respectful.
  • Self–directed, life–long learners who aspire to be more rather than have more.
  • Environmentally and socially responsible.
  • Reflective, creative, and holistic thinkers who solve problems and make responsible decisions with a moral conscience informed by the Catholic tradition.
  • Discerning believers formed in the Catholic faith and affirmed in the Mercy tradition.

The journey through the senior years of secondary education brings an increase in workload, but also more freedom. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning programs by setting goals and engaging with their teachers and learning advisors to obtain the support they need. Senior students are actively encouraged to develop skills around self discipline and self management in their approach to learning and participating in co- curricular programs at the College.

In the final years of school, senior students are generally beyond the minimum school leaving age, and have made a choice to attend school and further their education. Hence, we expect a mature commitment to the total life of the College. We expect that students will seriously apply themselves to their studies, treat others with respect and courtesy and take advantage of the range of activities Sacred Heart College provides.

An important aim of Sacred Heart College is to develop a strong sense of Christian community, helping students to develop their faith and a respect for and commitment to the welfare of others.

This is achieved through the Religious Education program and the Catholic identity expressed in all aspects of College life. All students are encouraged to choose subjects that they are interested in and that will support their career goals. In partnership with our teaching staff and year-level-coordinators, our professionally trained and dedicated Careers Counsellor is able to provide one- on-one guidance to all students as they make decisions regarding the right subject streams for them. 

Our teachers are very passionate about their students’ success. To that end, our senior teachers provide after school classes and holiday sessions to give students additional support. These extra classes provide students with opportunities to obtain individual tuition and help with particular concepts they may be finding difficult to grasp. During these sessions, our teachers also provide students with guidance for preparation for assessments.

In addition, our teachers are available to discuss issues with parents and students at all times. Above all, the College is committed to identifying any difficulties students may be having, whether academically or socially, in a timely way so that we can provide the support needed to get him or her back on track towards achieving his or her goals. While all teaching staff participate in providing our students with support, particularly through the Learner Advisor program, our Welfare Leader provides pastoral care that ensures our students are given the spiritual and emotional support they need at any one time to cope with any difficulties they may be experiencing.

Our Learning Advisors play an active role in our students’ progress. Each morning, during the LA period, students are encouraged to set goals for their individual learning. Students also have to make individual choices about their learning time through self-directed learning. This approach is part of our strategy to encourage our students to become independent learners as a foundation for successfully moving into further education and the workplace. We look forward to guiding and supporting our senior students as they complete their secondary school journey.