We aim to:

  • Improve learning outcomes for all students
  • Provide ‘a deep, rich, liberating and engaging curriculum’ (COSSI)
  • Encourage ‘deep thinking, inquiry and questioning’ (COSSI)
  • Set high expectations for all students and support and encourage their journey towards them.

As evident in the overview of our Curriculum Framework, we provide a comprehensive curriculum covering all eight Key Learning Areas. Students have the opportunity to access all eight learning areas and to develop their knowledge and skills along the learning continuum. In Year 7 to 9 we incorporated integrated approaches to traditional disciplines / domains. In Year 9 we place greater emphasis on experiential learning through Learning Quests and the Northern Territory Camp combined with discipline based approaches to learning. We also ensure that our structures allow for greater personalization of learning programs particularly as students enter the pathway stage, beginning at the start of Year 10. We allow students to access a range of academic, applied learning and vocational pathways. We provide student centered Self-Directed Learning opportunities aimed at students evaluating, monitoring and taking greater responsibility for their learning decisions.