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Learning at Year 10

At Sacred Heart College, Year 10 marks the beginning of the transition to Senior School. At this point in time students select a program of studies to help prepare them for a senior secondary certificate. It is not uncommon for students to commence study of a VCE or VET study.

Year 10 Learning Program

Student study six units per semester or twelve subjects over the year. These units include two units of compulsory studies in Religious Education, integrated English/History, and Mathematics and two units of study in from the Humanities and Science Learning Areas. The remainder of the student learning program generally consists of interest-based studies selected from the Arts, LOTE, Physical Education and Technology Learning Areas, including the following: 

  • Forensic Science
  • Bootcamp
  • 3D Printing and Design
  • Run Your own Business
  • Agriculture Horticulture
  • Health & Motion
  • Wood Technology
  • Visual Communication
  • Automotive

The curriculum aims to provide a breadth of subject choices and allows students to acquire the requisite skills and knowledge for a successful transition into Years 11 and 12. Students selecting subjects for Year 10 need to carefully read the unit information to ensure that they choose subjects that provide them with a general study program to keep their VCE options open.

Accelerated Progression

The timetable structure has been vertically aligned to allow students to include accelerated VCE or VET subjects in their learning program. Unless exceptional circumstances exist, a student can study only one VCE or VET sequence in their program of studies.

Any student wishing to take a VCE Unit 1-2 sequence of VET Unt 1-2 sequence in Year 10 may do so with the recommendation of their subject teacher and after a successful Application for Accelerated Progression. Applications for Accelerated Progression are always subject to availability of places.

An application for Accelerated Progression is not required for the following subjects studied at Year 10 level:

  • VET Building Construction;
  • VET Engineering Studies.

Unit Changes

Whilst students will normally select subject preferences for the full year, there may be some scope for unit changes mid-year, depending on constraints such as staffing, facilities, resources and timetabling.

Support for Students and Parents

The transition process requires much consideration and investigation by students and their parents. We encourage parents to discuss with their child, his/her options and aspirations and to take advantage of the expert advice offered at the College. The student’s Learning Advisor will assist students and parents in the process of course counselling.


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