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Middle School

Sacred Heart College provides a distinct middle schooling program for students in Years 7–9. The learning environment, underpinned by the College's Middle Schooling Framework, aims to meet the many and varied learning needs of students.

Middle School programs, based on sound educational research and Australian and international best practice, recognises that learning is most effective when it is relevant and purposeful. Most importantly, it recognises that the learning needs of students in these important years of schooling are specific and different from younger and older students.

Learning in the middle years is supported by specialised Middle School teams of teachers who are experienced in meeting the learning needs of younger adolescents and bring curriculum expertise to engage students in real and relevant learning experiences within and beyond the classroom.

Learning at Years 7 and 8

A strategic focus of Sacred Heart College’s Annual Action plan is to use robust evidence of student learning to track growth and identify areas of challenge for individual student’s learning. This process allows us to target our teaching effectively promoting student mastery of learning in Numeracy and Literacy in particular.

At Year 7 and 8 teachers use a range of resources including but not limited to the following:

  • Maths Pathways Planning
  • Pat Reading
  • Pat Maths
  • Pat Science
  • NAPLAN data

Using a range of diagnostic tools and effective collaboration between teachers at the College and Grade 6 staff and families, we have seen this targeted approach provide positive results in the mastery of learning of important concepts to date.


Year 7  and 8 students at Sacred Heart College participate in the following timetabled classes:

  • Religious Education
  • English
  • Maths
  • Humanities
  • Physical Education & Health
  • Information Technology
  • Languages other than English (Japanese)
  • Art/ Technology subjects including:
    • Visual Art
    • Food Technology
    • Materials-Wood
    • Dance and Drama