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Victorian Certificate of Education 

To complete the VCE, students are required to take greater responsibility for their own learning, their choice of studies and make a mature commitment to study both within and beyond the classroom. 

Minimum Requirements 

Satisfactory completion of the VCE requires satisfactory completion of at least 16 units, which must include: 

  • three units from the English group, with at least one unit at unit 3 or 4 levels 
  • three sequences of unit 3-4 studies other than English, which can include VCE and VET sequences. 

VCE students at Sacred Heart College must study six units per semester at Year 11 and five units per semester at Year 12. In addition,Year 11 students complete one unit of Religion and Society over the year. 

The VCE is a certificate completed over two or more years with units 1 and 2 normally studied in Year 11 and units 3 and 4 undertaken in Year 12. 

At Sacred Heart College, most students complete the unit 1-4 sequence over two years. However, as most unit 3-4 sequences do not have prerequisites, it is possible to study a unit 3-4 sequence without completing either unit 1 or unit 2 of the study; however, exceptions do apply.