Sacred Heart College supports the notion that career development is the lifelong process of managing learning and work activities in order to live a productive and fulfilling life.

Consequently, in line with our Careers Development Policy the College employs a specialised, highly experienced career practitioner who works with our students from Year 7 onwards to encourage them to think about and plan for their career. Our Careers Counsellor provides activities, information and one-on-one support throughout our students’ school journey which allows to discover their potential, explore their career interests and link their learning to future success in life.

The College supports a strategy in each year that is designed to progress all student career learning through Middle School years and into the Senior years: Under our policy, career development is regarded as a whole of school responsibility, led by the Career Advisor and supported by classroom teachers and Learning Advisors.

  • Year 7: Discover  
  • Year 8: Explore 
  • Year 9: Focus
  • Year 10: Plan  
  • Year 11: Decide  
  • Year 12: Apply


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