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College Board

The Sacred Heart College Board plays a vital role in creating and guiding the College's strategic direction. It's membership is derived from the Canonical Administrator, a representative from the Catholic Education Office, members of the College community, and the College's executive leadership. Parents are welcome to nominate themselves or others for membership of the Board. The College recognises the importance of embracing people with a range of skills to contribute to good governance and the strategic direction of our College.

The Board's purpose according to its Constitution is as follows.

  • Sacred Heart College Education Board (College Board/Board) is committed to the philosophy of shared wisdom, which recognizes the intrinsic worth of each individual’s contribution.
  • The College Board is the key advisory body to assist our Parish Priest and Principal in matters related to School Renewal and Improvement.
  • As part of the Catholic Church, the College Board is a decision-making group that builds, strengthens and nourishes the College community. The task of the College Board is one of ministry and commitment to our spiritual journey and faith development.
  • Our Parish Priest, as Canonical Administrator of the College, has ultimate responsibility for the legal and canonical obligation associated with the running of the College.
  • The Principal, appointed by the Parish Priest in consultation with the College Board, is delegated the responsibility for the day to day educational and administrative functions of the school.
  • The College Board assists in the formulation of College Policy in conjunction with the Parish Priest, College staff and parents.
  • Parents are the primary educators of their children. The College Board supports this role by developing College/community relationships and encouraging home/school interaction.
  • Together with the Sacred Heart Primary School Education Board and the parish, the College Board develops strategies for the promotion of Catholic Education in Sacred Heart Parish and surrounding districts.
  • The College Board facilitates school improvement, renewal and development of all facets of College life.
  • Annual financial, administrative and educational reports will be made by the College Board to the College community.

Board membership

Board Chair: Samantha Ridley

Canonical Administrator: Father Stephen Bohan

Catholic Education Office representative: Helen Ramsdale

Principal: Lew Nagle

Deputy Principals: Fleur Linehan, Marcus Cummins

College Finance Committee representative: Paul Niewenhout

Parents and Friends representative: Lynda White

Parent representatives: Jennie Donovan, Andrew Kennedy