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The College is firmly committed to engaging in meaningful partnerships with community groups. Several examples of this engagement are:

  • Parents and Friends – this group comprises of parents from both the College and the Primary School. This group actively fund raises to provide facilities and resources for our students. Some funds are provided to each school, while other funds are provided for resources that are used by both schools. For example, the P&F recently funded the purchase of seven hundred chairs to assist with joint Eucharistic celebrations and gatherings.
  • Friends in Common – this community group supports fund raising for cancer research. The College community supports this group through a number of initiatives including cooking and participation in their pink breakfast and selling raffle tickets for a variety of fundraising initiatives.
  • The College was a founding member of the North East Provision Group, which has enabled students from our school to access subjects from our networked schools and vice versa. For example, we have, in recent times, had students join Catholic College Wodonga’s Specialist Mathematics class for their Unit 3 and 4 Subject, along with FCJ College Benalla students participating in our VCE ICT classes via video conferencing.